Tuesday, March 1, 2016

 CFS & Cine Central Interviews.

Pradipto ShankerSen--VP  CFS---19/5/12( Notes from Interview. Kolkatta.

Restarted in -56 under the  active participation of Marie Seton..

Three reason—film buffs of Kolkotta, Impact of patherPanchali and tis success. And marie Seton and her  frequent visits…
cHidanandaDadgupta as Secy.., PurnenduPatri,  etc..
Rs 3  as annual fee.

250 to 350 members.  In 5 to 6 yrs grew upto  2500 members, it continued up to early 70s…

Other film societies, Cine Club, Cine Central and Cine Institue..

Nirmal Kumar Siddhanto—VC Calcutta University

Films from  Enasssies and studios..
BN Sircar of New theatres, DIP Pramanick… Eastern India Motion PcitruresAssocaition, secretary..
Prachi Cinema-all Bengali—allowed free shows—10-15 k  price
Eistenien films at Academy of fine arts--- Ray sititng on the stairs and wartching it..early 60s.
Review in Statesman..

The sources of films- Alliance francise


Soviet cultural centre
 Italian films
“ with out the film society, it should not have been impossible  to make film  for even  Ray”..  With outPatherPanchli revival of CFS not possible also.
CFS meeting place  for arts , literature, theatre and films..
UpptalDutt, ShambuMitra, all..
60s academy for fine arts hall- Lady ranaMukerjeree..
Nudity in films as an attraction

CFA-200 to 300 steady members.
Lack of  political mentoring
Catalyst for bettr film amaker
HUnfer for good films

Every month  10-15 membership enquiries.

Sandeep Ray 20/5/12

Mary Seton/ Lindsay Anderson

Hollywood to other films

Father too busy with films, hence FS not a priority

Availability of films  on DVD
Bengali films “ good market

70/40 to 100 films and year.
“good films are being made”… film appreciation is needed…Nandan for it….Helathyilmstuycentre..
New films are avialble in different formats

Hence  pvt screenings possible..

Cine Central
 Sajal Duta

The Cine central set up by  1965..
MadhuBasu –president
 Ray VP..
International film festival from 1986

87-onwards Ganashakthieplyee..
Rs 350 to Rs 450  fees…2500-3000 members..

200 capacity screenings
4 films a month
Chindren film festialwith  UNICEF

50 films  festivals--- sponsorship
30 dvd, blue ray films

Sweedishflm institute –35 mm films
25k for fieght charge only

Bookfair-cine central sold upto 5 lakhs dvds, films crpts etc
MOC grant on Tagore—15oth  anniversary
DD3  13th episode--   4 shown.
Shyamanand Kumar Sen… President


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