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Delhi Malayalee Film Society -Profile...Interview with K Radhakrishnan..

Delhi Malayalee Film Society -Profile...Interview with K Radhakrishnan...


1, DMFS was registered in the year 1975 and started functioning in the same year with thr inaugural film SWAPNADAM by K.G.George. The initial team consisted of personalities like Shri.A.C.George, the then Minister, as President, VPR as Vice President, K.A.Nair as General Secretary, M.Balakrishnan as Treasurer. TRhe Committee included persons like V.K.Madhavan Kutty, T.V.Kunhikrishnan, P.Gopinath, C.L.Antony,U.Radhakrishnan, P.Krishnan, R.S.K.Menon and many others.

2.Within One year we had reached the highest membership and stopped at 800 as the total number of seats in Maharashtra Rangayan was 750.Still late comers and committee members have to watch sometimes films by standing.Mainsource of funding was from membership fee only.Some income from souvanirs published on Film Festival occasions.
3.As the Society has been screening good number of latest and well acclaimed Malayalam films and a good number of foreign and other language films DMFS could establish its own identitry.This unique feature attracted many non Malayalees also to take membership in DMFS.
4. The highest membership reached in the first year itself and the same continued till 1990.Now the membership has swindled to about 50. Only screenings when some good films are reaching Delhi.As the hall rental has gone up now doing joint screening with othjer Film clubs that also sub titled films.
5. In fact the advances in technology was responsible for the errosion of Film Society activities. When people can watch films at home why they should come out. Moreover expansion of Delhi , and transport problems also added to the plight.However the introduction of latest formats such as VCD, DVD etc reduced transport cost as well as neded of hiring big halls paying unaffordable rentals.But the availability of films in multiplexes through U=tube and pirated DVDs reduced attendance in Society screenings.j
6.It is true the hay days of FS movements are over in general as the Film Societies have nothing to deliver to the members today. However if they change the style of functioning by way of inducting aspiring film makers, jounalists, educationaists as members and give them thought provoking activities alongwith screening of films the FS movement can survive to a great extend, but not to the level of good old days.
7. If no new generation comes up and take over not only DMFS all film Societies will face its natural death which happened to 90% of the Film societies in India.
8.No external force can intervene and save the situation unless like minded people come forward to work without thinking on any benefits.
9. DMFS has encouraged many film makers like K.G.George, Aravindan,Adoor, P.A.Backer, John Abraham,Padmarajan, ,Sethumadhavan and so on.But they have grown on their own.The FS only helped them and supported. them.
10. Govt. did not do anything for the Film Society till today.However he Govt.has encouraged good film making and its movement.However film makers who have some pull and push could reap the benefits from the Govt. ,others could not.

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